Executive Search Associates is a values-based, results-oriented, retained search firm. Our mission is to assist organizations in building and maintaining cultures of leadership. We assert that when organizations align their cultures to be consistent with their values, they will sustain high-performance and deliver enhanced value to their employees, customers and shareholders. Our innovative approach and leadership-based services are designed to fulfill this mission. Paul Brown's Biography ยป


Our Method

By hiring and promoting employees who are a better behavioral, values and cultural match, new team members will have an immediate impact on their environment, increasing the likely longevity of their careers. As a result, the overall costs of hiring decrease while morale is strengthened. A culture of values-based leadership is continually built and maintained, delivering sustained high-performance.

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Case Studies

Quanta approached Executive Search Associates with a need to find experienced operating executives to run two of their larger operating units in the Northeast. A President was needed to run each of these $40 million + independent businesses which had grown dramatically over the past couple of decades, but had recently begun to plateau. They needed executives who knew the speciality contracting business; had project management, procurement and bidding experience in this competitive industry; and who would be able to aggressively lead these companies to the next level. Read More

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What Makes us Different?

1)  We establish a partnership vs. transactional relationship with our clients.

2)  Our time-to-completion averages 85 days vs. a 155 day industry standard.

3)  ESA utilizes a performance-based fee structure; simply stated, we put our money where our mouth is.

4)  We have limited hands-off issues providing our clients with the broadest access to the candidate environment.

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