"Your disciplined approach was quite effective.  We were presented with qualified, attractive candidates.  Your success in working to expand the diversity of the candidate slate was also appreciated." - Dan Mecklenborg, Senior Vice President, Ingram Marine Group

Setting Ourselves Apart

1)  We establish a partnership vs. transactional relationship with our clients.

2) Our time-to-completion averages 85 days vs. a 155 day industry standard

3)  ESA utilizes a performance-based fee structure; simply stated, we put our money where our mouth is.

4)  We have limited hands-off issues providing our clients with the broadest access to the candidate environment.

5)  We provide benchmark candidates within 7-10 days of beginning each assignment causing searches to close quicker.

6)  ESA delivers executives who have an immediate and positive impact as a result of our intense and detailed interviewing and assessment processes.

7)  We pursue diversity in all of our search assignments.

8)  We focus not only on the role and responsibilities, but dig deep into the human characteristics and values-based behaviors of the candidate to ensure a total fit with each client.

9)  We only accept search assignments that we can handle with 110% focus and attention. Our partners do not delegate projects to junior recruiters.

10)  Each search strategy is unique to your business and leadership needs; not a one-size-fits-all template utilized by the large multinational firms.